Friday, 28 November 2008

basic geometry

ive been working on some basic geometry today to get an idea of the staging and the like. nothing final. im not sure i like the shape of the garden courtyard, i kind of liked the round one i did in the layout concept. im pleased with the house though, although it would need styleising up a lot if i was to use this model. the mountian is also jsut to get an idea of shape and not a finished design.

Animatic - 2D pass

ok, i finally managed to convert the file to fit on the blog. so heres my 2nd 2D animatic. next step is to get some simple 3D geometry for the actual environment. the music is just a place holder but in some areas its just the sort of thing im looking for. disrigard the music in the middle section when the monk falls off the rock, its sets compleatly the wrong mood, but as i said its just a place holder.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Doggy style

i wasnt sure about the dogs design after considering some character research i have done. ive decided to use more soft lines and rounded shapes to make him more appealing and likeable. i thought i should try out a few differnt looks for him, just to see what comes up. i personally still like the all white one, because its more symbolic, but my girlfriend likes the one with a patch.
anyone have any thoughts?

layout concept

after looking through the art of kung fu panda ive had a massive erge to create somthing, so ive done a layout concept of where my old monk lives. the image is far diffierent to what my final film will look like but i just had to do somthing! anyway it gives me a better understanding of the kind of invironment this chap is living in and the sort of shapes i might consised when modeling the scene. next, basic geometry.

Art of Kung fu

i jsut got a copy of the art of kung fu panda and ive spent most of the morning drewling over its contents. it shows off some amaizng character designs and layouts and gives some insite in to character development and layout design. really amazing colour studies aswell. its massivly inspireing and its helping to give me a clearer pciture of the kind of film i want to make. im still trying to keep it as simple as possible but i might try and add more colour and depth to the aeshetic. but i dont want to get bogged down with to much time consuming lighting and texturing.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Monk

Simplicity is going to be the key word throughout my whole film making process and as a hermit monk, and as with all monks simplicity is fundamental to the very basis of their belief. In almost all cultures monks have practically no possessions and ware only very basic clothing consisting of some sort of robe or body wrap.
Shaolin monks of china are famous for their bright orange robes and training clothing, although they do also have some in greys for the more junior monks, Whereas Tibetan monks tend to use darker shades of yellows and reds.
I’ve gone for something in-between for my main character as he doesn’t necessarily belong to either of these sects, although he is probably an old shaolin monk as he practices Chen style tai chi (a style used by shaolin monks)
I’ve chosen brownish yellow for his robes as it coincides with what monks in that region might be wearing plus the tones are more in keeping with those of some Chinese art that I am drawing inspiration from. But again, always keeping them simple.
With regards to his actual design and shape, I’ve been influenced mainly by old kung fu movies and there white eye browed monks. One film in particular is shaolin vs. lama which has a great stereotypical grumpy old white haired monk who lives away from the temple.
I’ve decided that he should be skinny as it makes him more vulnerable to the audience, plus old people are generally skinny anyway. I've been looking in to line and shape and to the visual meaning they convey, hard, sharp and angular shapes and edges on a character are synonymous with villains and bad guys and reflect their intentions and personality, whereas soft line and rounded edges are related more towards the good guy. A good example of this is in the Simpsons, homer being the good guy is made up almost entirely of circles and round shapes as Mr. Burns on the other hand is portrayed as cold and calculating with his pointy, scrawny and hunched appearance.
Being as my character is actually a nice old man who has become grumpy and cantankerous through loneliness and isolation, I’ve tried to create a balance between the two in terms of his visual aesthetic. I’ve given him strong angular features combined with long soft flowing lines. This should hopefully make his transition through the film from bad guy to good guy more believable to the audience. Well that’s the idea anyway.
I’ve also tried to consider some technical elements within the design. As it’s going to be in CGI and I’m no GC wiz, I need him to be as simple as possible whilst still being versatile enough to get a wide range or movement and expression out of. I will use a simple morph target set up for his face and as he’s going to be interacting with other objects he’ll will probably need an ik/fk arm set up too. He was going to have some beads around his neck but I’m not sure how I would do it, I will experiment when the time comes.
I think I’m still in essay mode. Zing!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

whats up dog?

here he is! thought i better work on the dog as ive been concerntrating mainly on the monk so far. this chap has gone through a few changes over many sketches but this is pretty much the final dog. i will keep sketching him in case he develops more. i'll probably keep tweaking the characters right up to the rigging proscess. might make them in modelling clay too, to get a feel of thier overall shape, will help in the CG modelling too.

Friday, 14 November 2008

a couple more

some nice things going on here, this green landscape has a a great style, a little different from more traditional ink brush paintings this guy is fantastic, just the sort of thing im going for. this might be the most important peice of refrence yet. Zing!

some more inspiration

here we are then, some more cool artworks im finding inspiration from

colour boards

after getting the go ahead for some of my boards, i did a few colour studies to get a feel for the aethetic of the film. again i wanted the design to be simple with hints of strong colour to enhance the composition.

character development pt3

yet more sketches later, i decided that the look of the film was going to be like a chinese ink painting, so my monk had to be far more simple and stylised.
i found a shape that fitted my needs and tried to draw him in the most basic way i could, really simplify the design. i wanted to over simplify him so i could bring him back to exactly the right amount.
with the basic structure their, i could have some fun with shapes and poses, and give him a more 3 dimentionl look. he's got a little way to go but he's nearly be continued.....

character development pt2

afetr many more sketches i came up with this chap. more cantancorouse (who knows how to spell that?) and stylised. but he still seemed to complex for the look of the film.

character development

the main character in my film is, as with everybody, the most inportant aspect. so i really wanted to spend a long time develoing him, so i started back in the summer to try and get the look and personality i was looking for, and after many sketches i came up with this guy.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

layout idea

heres a quick layout design. im liking the idea of not having a visable ground plain to keep that washed out look. not sure how i would do it in CG though.

visual inspiration

Hello all, lets get this started. i want my film to have a traditional, kind of Chinese painting feel, but with a fresh twist. i don't want it to be just a moving version of a Chinese wall hanging. simplicity is very important, particularly with colour choice, i really like the washed out ink painting look but with a few dabs of strong colour to set it off. I've been looking a various examples.

i love the colours in this pic, very saturated but with a strong orange to create a focal point.

I'm a bit worried about my film looking flat. as its going to be in 3D i want to take advantage of the medium. i really like the look and feel of pocoyo
really simple layout, shapes and colours, but very effective.
that's all for now, dissertation to finish, Zing!