Thursday, 27 November 2008

Art of Kung fu

i jsut got a copy of the art of kung fu panda and ive spent most of the morning drewling over its contents. it shows off some amaizng character designs and layouts and gives some insite in to character development and layout design. really amazing colour studies aswell. its massivly inspireing and its helping to give me a clearer pciture of the kind of film i want to make. im still trying to keep it as simple as possible but i might try and add more colour and depth to the aeshetic. but i dont want to get bogged down with to much time consuming lighting and texturing.

1 comment:

  1. Tom, fascinating and impressive!! I will look at all this development more fully. Your artistic development in this area is obviously enormous and in great depth. I'm no artistic enough to comment, but I am extremely impressed and delighted.

    All love, Sue