Tuesday, 11 November 2008

visual inspiration

Hello all, lets get this started. i want my film to have a traditional, kind of Chinese painting feel, but with a fresh twist. i don't want it to be just a moving version of a Chinese wall hanging. simplicity is very important, particularly with colour choice, i really like the washed out ink painting look but with a few dabs of strong colour to set it off. I've been looking a various examples.

i love the colours in this pic, very saturated but with a strong orange to create a focal point.

I'm a bit worried about my film looking flat. as its going to be in 3D i want to take advantage of the medium. i really like the look and feel of pocoyo
really simple layout, shapes and colours, but very effective.
that's all for now, dissertation to finish, Zing!


  1. isnt it just, i could watch it all day. it should provide some nice inspiration.