Thursday, 20 November 2008

whats up dog?

here he is! thought i better work on the dog as ive been concerntrating mainly on the monk so far. this chap has gone through a few changes over many sketches but this is pretty much the final dog. i will keep sketching him in case he develops more. i'll probably keep tweaking the characters right up to the rigging proscess. might make them in modelling clay too, to get a feel of thier overall shape, will help in the CG modelling too.


  1. considering your characters personalities, what aesthetic decisions have you made to support them abd their story?

  2. mmm, with the dog, i decided that he should be very likable to look at,almost cute. small and playful so the audience will hopfully be drawn towards him, and feel that they would want to look after him. i want to try and captuer some of the irrasistable facial expressions that dogs have. the audiences have to feel for the dog straight away so that the impact of the monk not wanting anything to do with him will be increased. thus making the monks decision to try and rescue the dog later more poignant. the dog being white represents his inocences and nievety and the fact that he's very friendly and non agressive. he could almost be seen as the monks final test before he reaches enlightenment.