Monday, 22 December 2008

Ear! Ear!

aaarh! thats the sound of a man who is more than happy with a monks ears. after much sweat and toil and endless ear modeling research, ive dont it! ive got an ear that im not only happy with, but proud as punch of to boot. and theres only about two tri's in it! (all you CG bods know what im on about) robe and eyebrows next and he will be just about finished and ready for rigging. haraaH!


  1. Looking slick Hommas. Can't wait to see some animation on this kiddo!

  2. Nice ears! Now there's a line for the ladies. I would say though, as happy as you are with them, perhaps the rounded ridge inside the ear behind the hole could be more ridge-like and less smooth. A minor detail but an observation nonetheless.