Monday, 12 January 2009

aesthetic mock up

ive been working on getting the right easthetic and i think i have finally done it. as i said before im now going to be digitally painting all of my bacgrounds over rendered stills of 3D geometry. and after some unbeilvably good refrence material from a programe about daoist monks in the chinese mountains, its all coming together. so ive been experimenting with the idea and heres how its looking. im still keeping to the old brush painting style colour palette but not going for the actual brush stroke look so much. i want to try and capture the feel and simplicity of an old painting as appose to actually being one. if you know what i mean. anyway heres some bacground final mock ups with characters for colour refrence and composition.


  1. Ayooo this guy!

    Tremendous keith!

  2. I really hope you keep to these simple set-ups, I like the look of the sketchy backgrounds, slowly shifting mists in the background mountains will add so much atmosphere to your piece. Of course with the simplistic backgrounds must come some dynamic foregrounded animation but don't be frightened of using static, but atmospheric, moments, it's very easy to forget that it's ok to have moments where nothing is moving in the frame, ying and yang!

  3. ah, gentley shifting mist is a great idea. i shall keep all this in mind, cheers!