Saturday, 3 January 2009


with my models nearly complete ive begun the task of getting colours and aesthetics right. as ive said before, my main priority is on the simplicity of the colour and texture. i want a global illumination feel like with pocoyo, ive used a sky light with the samples down to about 6 wich gives it a nice grainy feel, but i will probably just render an abiant occlusion pass for a similer but less memory consuming effect in the final cut. this lighting effect gives a sense of the outdoors wich is just what im after. ive also used some simple 3 point lighting in the scene matching the colours in the background image. this should hopfully make the characters feel as though they are out side, high up in the mountains.


  1. You gotta check out that 'around the world in 80 faiths' the section about daoist monks high up in the mountains. bbc2 on iplayer. It's exactly what you're trying to create.