Saturday, 3 January 2009

Dog improved

after some splendid crits, it was drawn to my attention that the dog seemed to be a bit dissjointed. so i had a look and realised that this was quite true. the body was ok but the head and neck had lots of issues. the neck was almost swan like and the nose was too large. so i had a fiddle and got the proportions better. i also mad a few refinments on the body. im much happier with this updated version.


  1. Ha, thats cool arkid. Reminds me of the dogs that chase (playful) you when you go runnin in the park.

  2. Have you posted your animatic? Would like to see it. Really love the development of your character designs, would love to see some of that translucent ink-mark look in a 3D style, the idea of individual calligraphic marks floating in a 3D space will give it a look that doesn't appear in Kung Fu Panda and add to the uniqueness of your own work.

  3. I concur with the comment above. If you could somehow get that inky feel into the film it would be majestic.

    I like the dog though, what a beautiful arse, it's like he has a penis coming out of his bottom, beautious!