Friday, 9 January 2009


ive had a bit of a wake up call with regards to my timeplan. ive still got huge amounts to do so ive been thinking of ways to cut down my work load with out compromising the final outcome of the film. after talking to Adam i realised that i was making my life more dificult than it needed to be with regards to my backgrounds. so ive decided not to attempt the complicated task of textureing all of my environment models and instead im going to render out my shots and digitally paint them and then comp them all together as 3D layers with my CG animated characters in after affects. this method will also give me greater control over the final aesthetic.
anyway heres a couple of experimental backdrop ideas.


  1. I like them all except the green hue. Leaning more towards the first and last. Perhaps the white one would be for day scenes and you could use the orangey one for a more atmospheric morning or evening scene.

  2. Do you know the work of Kihachiro Kawamoto? His oeuvre follows the tradition of puppets but also drawn animation so aesthetically his films look like animated scrolls, if you have more options in the final stages of composition will you be able to manipulate perspective of backgrounds? The misty mountain backgrounds you've posted look very effective, simple but atmospheric.

  3. ive not heard of that chap, i shall check him out. i think i will be comping them as 3D layers in after effects, so their might be room for some perspective tricks.