Monday, 26 January 2009

Final mock up, again.

ok, ive now finished the dog too, so i thought ide better put him in his position in the mock up. i have also changed the lanturn as its bright red colour was detracting from thr dogs ball and drawing the eye towards it. the ball is an important symbolic link between the monk and the dog yellow is a much more subtle colour and less significant in this film, although it does still corrispond with the traditional chinese colour pallete.
in other news, i talked with a few tutors about bringing back his eyebrows. so i attempted to reattach them, but after skinning them and testing there manoverability, they turned out to be extremely clumbsy and they floated around his fourhead irritatingly. so there still out. i then had a go with some smaller ones and attaching them with a skin wrap modiffier so they moved with the morph targets, and it worked for a while, but then it went wrong, so rather than waste more time faffing, i will be leaving the brows out for good.

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