Monday, 19 January 2009

This guy!

Oh joy and wondrous rapture! the monk is alive and ready to go. its like having a mountain with a particularly big boned donkey living on it, lifted off ya shoulders. anyway, you may have noticed some changes to the old chap, Ive done away with the comedy eyebrows and given him bright blue eyes. i really think the lack of silly brows opens up his face and brings attention to his eyes, (the windows to soul, don't ya know) thus making subtle emotions more readable. big blue eyes just felt much more appealing with the added bonus of them complimenting the colour of his robe.


  1. Who's ya mate?

    Haha, oh zing! Nice one kieth...wheres his brows?

  2. Yup, blue eyes are where it's at, me likey. Can't wait to see how he animates!

  3. i've just shown charley and she says that she really likes it but the eyebrows from the original design made him look like he was full of wisdom. Perhaps keep the blue eyes and put the eyebrows back on, try seeing what happens when you change his expressions from the stern serious face to the softer compassionate face maybe trim the eyebrows a little if they seem to get in the way, it seems a shame to loose the brows all together. Over all though i reackon the eye brows are in keeping with the oriental style.

  4. What stage are you at now that you have finished your main characters? I really liked the flexibility of your flip-book dog animation, I hope you bring some of that looseness to the digital character. Having now completed your Monk are we going to see how he looks in the landscape? Did you manage to sort out the rig in terms of extreme poses? I'm a little confused by nocturnal bob's comment about the 'eyebrows are in keeping with the oriental style', I wasn't aware that eyebrows signified an oriental style or are we dealing in racial stereotyping with these kinds of comments?!

  5. I think it is more an appreication of where the audience is coming from and the knowledge which they will already be endowed with, be it good or bad.
    You ask an every day joe bloggs to scribble down a wise old chinese man and you will invariably end up with a dude in some kind of kung fu outfit, a long white beard and a pair of long white eye brows.

    What is important is to understand the roots of these preconceptions and why the myth of wise old chinese men having long eyebrows has persisted.

    It may be as simple as all wise old chinese men have long white eyebrows, i suspect not however.

    Is chinese wisdom associated with any religion or cultural practice?

    here are some links to images to keep the racial stereotyping alive and kicking, which i should point out were the results of typing 'wise old chinese man' into google images.

    on a personal note, deep down, something tells me that wise people tend to live longer than stupid people and a medical fact is that certain physiological changes occur at different stages of a mans life. one is that facial hair becomes thicker, longer and greyer (the thicker being a result of the hair becoming grey...or rather, not getting any more colour).....we have all had those rogue eyebrow hairs which come out from nowhere and frighten girls