Sunday, 26 April 2009

Animatic 26_08_09

here we are then, the latest installment of my film. only 3 1/4 finished and missing some sound effects but its coming together ok. the animation is never going to be right as each time i watch it i find another problem i could try to refine or polish. and im learning about character acting more by the day. but ive got a few shots i can use on my show reel, so its all good. the unrendered animation in the last section has been refined a little and rendered, but i havnt finished those backgrounds yet so i havnt included them in this animatic. the music has been re-timed to. also premier keeps ofsetting the sound. i'll get it timed out for next version.


  1. Awww man, love your short!!
    For student animation, this looks really nice.
    Great emotion in the character in the character's acting. i really felt for them.
    that was something i tried to do with my student animation (show emotion and have an audience emphasize with it)
    Didnt really work so well for me, now i look back at it now.... but hey, thats how you learn.