Tuesday, 26 May 2009


So, its all over. three years of university has gone by in what seems like days. its been a brilliant experience. now i have to go and build upon the things ive learnt and look for employment in the industry. its a very exciting time. heres the finished film.


  1. I love it! The small details of movement, the facial expressions.. great work! I hope by now you found a job that lets you do what you dreamed of :)
    I'm doing my first babysteps in CGI these days, and found your blog whle searching for a good suggestion for a dog rig. I don't know what the last bones in the feet are for, but appearently they work great^^I hope to see some more of your work some day!

  2. Hello, this lovely video came to me via sharing on Facebook. So glad I found the source :) Thank you and all the best! Lenka from Czech Republic